Utopia is a fast paced fluid RTS, where you battle against and with powerful robots in deeply strategic gameplay.

8 widly diverse Robots to choose from, the each with their own powerful abiliy that combines with every other robots in a unique way.


Juno is war bot equiped with a power laser that does more damage the longer it stays on target Choose two Junos and gain access to the powerful laser bomb combo.


The Gnat is a fast drone that packs a punch. The plasma ball ability might be seem slow but when two Gnats are combined they can one shot any other robot in the game.


The Fido's rocket is a fire and forget weapon that tracks enemy robots. Fire the rocket through a laser beam to create a powerful shotgun AOE blast.


The warden's is not the most maneuverable of robots but what it lacks in dexterity it more than makes up for in sustained firepower. Combine a Warden with Zadok's lightning to create a field of deadly landmines.


With his powerful lightning AOE ability Zadok doesn't have the range of other robots but up close he is devastating. The lightning also can be carried by ranged abilities to deal damage at a distance.

Utopia is currently in pre-alpha if you would like to play test the game or hear more about the project drop us a line!

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